BELA (BLIP ELAN Language Annotation) is a pathway for creating and analysing multi-lingual transcripts using BELA convention and ELAN software.

Getting started

BELA is available on PyPI and can be installed using pip:

pip install bela

Sample code

The following code snippet reads a BELA transcript and prints out all participants and their utterances & chunks.

import bela

b2 = bela.read_eaf("my_bela_filename.eaf")
for person in b2.persons:
    print(person.name, person.code)
    for u in person.utterances:
        print(u, u.from_ts, u.to_ts, u.duration)
        if u.translation:
        for c in u.chunks:
            print(f"  - {c} [{c.language}]")

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